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    Hello, dears! I am Jane Frank the heart behind JaneMultiLux. I’m a wife to a wonderful husband! and a mother to 2 lovely kids. I am from Igbo part of Nigeria/Italian,Current location Italy and I am happy to Welcome you all to my blog.

     I started jane multi lux blog as a place to show my love for fashion brands and styles, not just luxury brands but in between.
    I am obsessed with multi brands and as you and I know that quality product deserves the best exposure you could think of.
    most women are price oriented and I’m certainly one of those ladies, that’s how jane multi lux came in as a platform where to get an insight on a great outfit for a working mum or for everyday activity.
    I’ve always love fashionable and stylish brands that are unique and outstanding, good bags, clothes, and shoes.
    JaneMultiLux has grown knowing that been fashionable is not just necessarily how much you are wearing but how much measures to the things you have.
    The aim is to get you more exposure for a quality product/brands that you’ll feel satisfied still” on a low budget.
    I would be showing more restyles, a new outfit that matches every mood and making sure it looks fashionable and stylish.
    JaneMultiLux would love to share this experience with you, and I hope you get inspiration, great deals recommendation, get more tips on a quality product and restyling.
    Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you stay around and God bless.


    As much as I love heels but I don’t wear them, I would be incorporating my flat and 70mm heels and showing how I style them to look stylish and fashionable. I hope you get inspired.


    All products featured on jane multi lux blog are sponsored content and affiliate links, I won’t share products that I personally do not fully love, However, if you are not sure of any items, before any purchase I would like you to request for all clarifications and details you may need to lead to your great satisfaction by contacting them through the links. Remember I will be always available at janemultilux@gmail.com if you need my Help.