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    Make Money As An Instagram InfluencerHey everyone, welcome back! I know for the past few weeks they have been a lot to take in and as we all are pushing forward to bring about change, we owned it to ourselves to make it happen. 

     On today’s blog post, I love to share what I have been learning during these past weeks with you guys and mainly what I have learned so far With LadyBossBlogger’s Course on how to make money as an Instagram Influencer.

    Make Money As An Instagram Influencer

     I couldn’t believe it when LadyBossBlogger contacted me with an offer for one of their course How To Make Money As An Instagram Influencer I was more than grateful of this opportunity  because I know how I am struggling to make money as an Instagram Influencer.

    thanks, LadyBossBlogger + Elaine Rau for sponsoring this post.

    Guys, this is not something you need to wait any longer, trying to figure it out all by yourself. however, if you want to be successful as an Influencer and make money doing it, I would highly recommend this course to everyone.

     While I’m still very much into this course Here, I have learned so many useful masterpieces of information In just a few modules which have up to 7 modules and a bonus section, this course worth investing your money.

    Make Money As An Instagram Influencer

    Let me briefly outlined a few mind-blowing points I have taken while learning through this course and I can’t wait to start implementing them!

    . 9 Beginner mistakes that you won’t be making, it is absolutely an eye-opening to me

     How to ensure you get responses to your Pitches

    .  Ways to build a brand that brands want

    .  How to find brands for collaboration in 60 seconds guys

    .  I’m also grateful for all the tools, apps, and websites that were linked in this course, couldn’t believe it myself! amazing.

    Interesting places where you can find campaigns to work and much more

    There are also amazing bonuses and a list of 50 brands currently looking for brand ambassadors and email marketing.

    Guys, this course is not just for Nubians, you all know I’ve been in this road for over 3  struggling  years, if you want to spare yourself that much time, I’d advise you to take that bold step to Enrol in this well Organised course.

    I’ve also partnered with Lady Boss Blogger to giveaway  one lucky winner a course of your choice to thank you  for supporting me through this years: 

    All you need to do to enter is:

    • 1. Follow me @janemultilux on Instagram
    • 2. Follow @ladybossblogger on Instagram
    • 3. Follow @elainerau on Instagram
    • 4. Like this photo and tag friends in the comments, the more tags more additional entries

    If you’d love to give this Course a go!

    The Course is about $400 but when use my Promo code: JANEERUGO which takes 40% off, you’d only pay $200-250 ladybossblogger courses.

    Please take note, the GIVEAWAY is taking place on Instagram

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    Make Money As An Instagram Influencer


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