• Top places to live in Alberta

    Top places to live in Alberta 

    Top places to live in Alberta

    Alberta’s population has been rising in recent years. This has to do with everybody going there to find new jobs and settle down. This being said, Alberta still has many more homes and jobs to offer.

    Even St. Albert real estate is doing really well, so if you are looking for a place to move and settle down, Alberta might be the province for you. Of course, there are many other aspiring qualities of Alberta, the beautiful cities, small-town feel; the list goes on and on. But for most people, the thought of a fresh start and a new job is the selling point of moving to this great province.

    Now, the thought of picking up and moving can be scary for some people. This can be true, but if you think about what moving can bring you, then it all adds up. Yes, you may be confused and concerned about changing your life, and the location can be confusing as well. Here is a list of some of the best places to go to Alberta to ease your mind.

    St. Albert

    St. Albert is one of the most significant places to live in all of Canada, and this is no mistake. St. Albert is a medium-sized city with around a 60,000 population, but this does not leave it short of opportunity.

    The placement of St. Albert is right outside of Edmonton, so you are getting the best of both worlds. If you enjoy a small-town feel to live in but still love the city, this is perfect for you, not to mention that you can still work in the city and not live in a crowded area.


    This is more of a big city. There is so much opportunity coming from this city and much to come from it. Not to mention the amount of companionship that comes from this city.

    You won’t have an issue finding things to do in this city. Significant annual events such as the Calgary Stampede keep many residents busy, and they bring people from other cultures to celebrate the city. 


    This is a small city of nature, so if you enjoy much isolation and beautiful sights, this is right up your alley. The views are spectacular, and the opportunity is endless. 

    All in all, Alberta can be a great province with much to offer. The cities are beautiful and very diverse. There is everything, big cities with lots of people and opportunities, and that small-town feel.

    Anything you could want can be found in Alberta, not to mention that real estate is currently on the rise. Now is the best time to move to Alberta before it booms again as it did in the past, and real estate prices rise once more.

    Top places to live in Alberta

    All that being said, the diversity of Alberta is hard to beat, and more importantly, it is a great place to settle and have a fresh start. If you want to wipe your slate clean, or even start a new one, you can’t go wrong with Alberta. You have to give it a shot.


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