• Kitten Heel Shoes/ Tall Divas


    Hi everyone, hope you all are having a great week so far. On today’s blog post I am sharing a little about shoe alternatives for tall chicks who don’t feel comfortable about wearing high heels, I bet kitten shoes are.

    talking about height which is one massive problem for we taller ladies out there that are 6 feet tall or taller faced on daily bases.

    I’ve had, read about this problem facing a lot of tall women out there complaining either they don’t like their height due to how people stare at them, how their height becomes a talking point amongst strangers, I’ve seen it all darling. You may encounter this little nonsense here and there or you’re not able to wear heels, and how flats shoes can be boring sometimes, not idea for elegance but I disagreed.

    firstly, you need to accept that you are tall and beautiful, secondly, love yourself with what so ever you decide to dress, not because people won’t see the beauty in what you are wearing but it’s all about how you choose to take in the view.

    you could look absolutely stunning, stylish and fashionable in any shoes of your choice and that depends from your paring.

    that’s why I thought about sharing this kind of Kitten Heels shoes in case you missed the picture here.

    kitten shoes are in trendy and makes a perfect pairing, one funny part about these heels, like they said those heels are made for tall women but I strongly disagree on that, this heels are made for all women both old and young, shorter or taller. so if you are a tall girl reading this post embraces who you are and learn to accept that others would have a different perception of you, don’t let it have an impact on you and what’s your beliefs are and I hope you get a little Inspiration from this post.

    please i would love  to hear your thought and if theres any thing you would want me to emphasis more on, please Kindly drop your comment below…

    I appreciate you for stopping by as always and I hope you love the post.Use link to shop the post and Similar.

    The story of my life! Kitten heels part 1.

    if you pay close attention you would notice that I’m, not a heel type of person, but I love heels and I know how to walk on them but not for too long! that’ is one of the reasons I love and feel comfortable with my kitten heels and flats so I don’t necessity  change my shoes during any events which I noticed most ladies do.

    I remembered when I use to purchase 80mm and above they end up in my closet or I gift it out but one day I turn things around by just purchasing the things I felt absolutely comfortable with, don’t purchase just for show off but regret it after all. this post applies to all ladies if you can’t stand higher heels stick to what you can proudly bring out tomorrow with a joyful heart knowing that you ware pleased with your buys that’s if you love low heels.

    heels, 7 or 6 mm

    size of shoes, 41


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